SCINDeA’s COVID-19 Response to Provide Food Grain to the Poor

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SOUTH CENTRAL INDIA NETWORK for DEVELOPMENT ALTERNATIVES is a reputed pioneering Networking NGO that has been specializing in the field of development for the past 18-20 years. The Network is constituted of 14 field based organizations that are geographically situated in south central regions of India – 1 district in Andhra Pradesh, 2 districts in Karnataka and 10 districts in Tamil Nadu.

SCINDeA primarily works with the Dalits, fisher folk, quarry workers, slum dwellers, adivasis, small and marginalised farmers and ex-miners.

Through partnerships, programme designs, programme management, impact and sustainability assessment, SCINDeA has built a fairly good community rapport with different sectoral grassroots communities covering 283 villages, 205 panchayats, 39 blocks, 26 taluks, 15 districts and a population outreach of 2,73,576. 

The increasing spread of COVID-19 has become the most critical public health emergency all over the world. This has brought a complete breakdown in the normal life of all people in India. Being the world’s second most populous nation fears area growing about what would happen if community transmission spreads in the crowded areas of India’s towns and cities. In recent weeks the no.of COVID-19 cases in India has tripled in the last couple of days and as of today has crossed 17,000.

While life in the shadow of COVID 19 is tough for everyone, the most vulnerable people are suffering. In India the vast majority of people work in the informal sector.  Many low income families cannot afford to follow the regulations laid down by the govt. They are engaged in work as daily wage earners that cannot be done from home and majority of the low income jobs do not offer paid sick leave.

The plight of the daily wage earners who are either dalits, adivasis, and other backward class and caste groups is no better. Due to the lock down many of them are now without any work and not able to feed their family. They lack jobs and money to buy food grain and take care of the sick.

In spite of the lock down people are not taking it seriously. In rural areas the knowledge levels of COVID-19 and preventive measures are very low. Social distancing is also not taken seriously. Infected families are being stigmatised. Fear and panic is also increasing in the country.

In the SCINDeA area of operation many marginalised families have been suddenly uprooted. Daily wage earners are now without work and not able to feed their families. Many families with small children and senior citizens are not able to cope with the pandemic because of the national lockdown. In every municipality and village panchayat there are a number of sanitary workers to administer the ground level sanitary work in their operational areas. However in view of the current situation, most of them have been recruited on a temporary basis. Majority of the current sanitation staff have little or no personal protection measures during this emergency period. 

In this situation SCINDeA intends to provide food grain to affected families below the poverty line. The food grain kit will contain 7 kgs rice, 1 kg dhal, 1 kg sugar, ½ kg tamarind, 1 liter cooking oil, 1 packet salt, packets of spices and condiments, garlic, ginger, onions, potatoes, 2 face masks and 1 bar of soap equivalent to ₹ 1,100 per family.

You can donate via bank transfer. SCINDeA is in a position to accept international as well as local donations as well. We have also got 80-G Tax Exemption. Receipts will be issued for every payment made.

Help us to help feed families in rural & tribal villages.

A personal appeal to each of you who receives this mail Please support a minimum of 2-3 families. Thank you

Dr. Sheila Benjamin 

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