Health & Sanitation


As in different parts of the developing world so also in the south central region unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation are the cause of several health problems. In south central India 76% of people are condemned to the indignity of open defecation and lack access to a hygienic toilet.

Open defecation is very common in the villages which has a number of negative consequences and health hazards besides being not safe for women, young girls and the elderly. 80% of the households in the SCINDeA area of operation do not have toilets in their homes. It is also a cultural taboo not to have toilets constructed in their houses.

Toilets have been constructed with the support of families. It is a 3 phase process consisting of pre toilet education phase, construction phase and post construction and maintenance phase.

SCINDeA has also undertaken installation of borewells for 463 families. Post installation of the borewells they are maintained by the families and water committees.